Car Diagnostics Swansea

Looking for car diagnostics Swansea? Do you have unexpected dash lights appearing? Are your vehicle dash lights indicating there is a problem with your car? If so, come and speak to the car diagnostic experts at Keep Driving Auto. We offer professional car diagnostics for all makes and models of car. We can inspect your vehicle using the latest Bosch diagnostic equipment and offer affordable car repairs.

Warning dash lights appearing?

Warning dash light appearing can be worrying and signify that there is a problem with your car. If you have unexpected dash lights visit our garage and we will be able to perform diagnostic checks to identify the issue. Our diagnostics services are comprehensive and available at a great price. 

ECU diagnostics

Most modern cars have an engine control unit (ECU). Cars have sensors placed around the vehicle components which sense if there is an issue. If a sensor picks up a problem it sends a message to the ECU and warning lights will appear on the dash.

Here at Keep Driving Auto, we have the latest state of the art diagnostics equipment that can quickly and easily identify problems with your car. It is important that if you notice warning dash lights that you book your vehicle for inspection as soon as possible. Delay in addressing faults will often result in extended damage and expensive repair bills.

Car Diagnostics Near Me

If you have an older car and think there is a problem with your car that you can’t pinpoint, bring your car to us. We can provide traditional diagnostic inspections to identify the problem.

ECU Remapping Swansea

Improve the performance an fuel economy of your car with our professional remapping services. What is remapping? ECU remapping is the process of overwriting the default setting of your cars ECU. When manufacturers make cars every car is given a default setting. This is because cars are sold worldwide, therefore the car manufacturers cannot take into account geographical factors such as climate, regional laws and fuel quality. Remapping your ECU means the car can be optimised for driving conditions which will not only enhance the performance of your car but will also improve fuel economy which will save you money.

Contact Keep Driving Auto

For more information about any of our remapping services and car diagnostics Swansea call us on 01792 771600. Alternatively, visit our garage workshop and our friendly staff will be able to offer sound advice and free quotations.

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