Emission Control

Emission Control Swansea

Keep your car emissions under control with our emission control Swansea. Emissions pollute the air and excessive emissions will result in an MOT failure. Build up of deposits within your engine can cause the system to become clogged and produce more emissions. Cleaning filters and injectors will help overcome this problem. 

Diesel particulate filter cleaning system

Save time and money with our Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning services from TUNAP. This innovative particulate filter cleaning system makes it possible for blocked filters to be cleaned without the need to remove them. This DPF cleaning system saves you money as filters are cleaned without removal, therefore, it is a quicker process that yields the same results as fitting replacement filters. The process takes around 2 hours, compared to having the filters replaced which could take a full day to perform. The cost for this service is around £120 – £180 which is an excellent saving compared to having filters replaced which could cost you over £1000. To book your vehicle in, contact us today.

Diesel and petrol car injector cleaning

Injectors can become blocked with carbon deposits which can affect the performance of your car.  Dirty injectors can cause malfunctions such as uneven idling and excessive fuel consumption. Cleaning the injectors will overcome these problems and is also a good idea to have injectors cleaned if you are using low-quality fuel. We use injector cleaning systems from TUNAP. The benefits of injector cleaning include:

  • – Improved injector functionality
  • – Removal of deposits in injector valves, injectors and fuel system
  • – Cleans combustion chamber
  • – Ensures even injector pattern
  • – Smooth idling
  • – Reduced fuel consumption

Contact us for emission control services in Swansea

For more information about our emission control Swansea, do not hesitate to contact us. Our helpful staff will be able to explain the process, offer sound advice and recommend the best emission control solution for your car. In addition, we can provide a free quotation. Call us on 01792 771600.

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